Peru, and Christmas Cards

Peru, and Christmas Cards

I am back from Peru–Here is a short video I made from some of the footage of the trip.

Now that I am back, I am having more cards printed. For those who ordered while I was away, I will send out your orders this week. And for any who still want to order cards, you can order here, and I should be able to ship them right away.

Three friends, two from Denmark and one from Minnesota, joined up in Peru. We met in Lima, then flew to Cusco at about 11,00 feet elevation.

We first travelled throught the Sacred Valley to Machu Pichu. Returning to Cusco we met up with Jessica Bertram. With her as our guide, we travelled into the Amazon jungle. After a few days at the village of Queros with the Wachiperi people, we went further down the Madre de Dios River. We stayed seven days at the remote and beautiful retreat of Parign Hak.

Here are some photos. I hope to make another post with more details about our journey.

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