Metals and Planets: Symbols of Transformation

Metals and Planets: Symbols of Transformation

Ancient peoples sometimes saw metals as made of light, as if gold was solidified sunlight and silver congealed moonlight. Metal as matter plus light became a symbol for humans as consciousness plus body. The different metals represented the stages of consciousness evolving in matter, from the dull and dark leaden state to the luminous gold state. This video explains this foundational symbolism, and some of the consequences and applications for our own transformation.

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  1. Ok. Silver to gold, light to brightening color – and lead being heavy . . . heavy metal. No wonder I’m ot attracted to heavy metal music.
    Thanks for al these things to think about Sean.

    1. sdk

      Thanks Pat…ha! Yes I think different kinds of music could be connected with the different metals and different states of consciousness…

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