Inverse Perspective, Fall Classes, Mural project

Inverse Perspective, Fall Classes, Mural project

What is ‘inverse perspective’ in icon painting? What fall classes and workshops are you teaching? How is the mural with the youth of South Church progressing?  This newsletter/post introduces a new video about inverse perspective, offering reasons from the Bible and from Plato, two of the main sources of early Christian thought and art. My fall courses are described. And the early stages of a mural I am working on with the youth of South Church is documented.

I. Inverse Perspective in Icon painting (Video)

Inverse perspective (also called reverse perspective) is a stylistic method of representing near objects as smaller and more distant objects as larger—the reverse of how things appear to us. Inverse perspective is common in Byzantine icon painting, and also appears in other ancient and modern art. After looking at some examples, I offer reasons for this practice. First I discuss the practice in Chinese art of ‘painting from the angle of totality ‘. Then I offer reasons from two of the main sources of early Christian thought: the Bible and Plato.

II. Fall Classes

All classes will be held at my studio in the Button Factory, Portsmouth New Hampshire–except for the course on “Basic techniques in egg-tempera panel painting”, which will be held at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. Feel free to contact me for more information or with any questions.

One Day Fresco Painting Workshop

Fresco is one of the most ancient painting techniques. Pure pigments are applied directly to wet lime plaster. The pigments dry right into the plaster. We will create one or more true fresco paintings, using pit lime and sand applied to the backs of tiles.

Saturday October 5: 9am-6pm

$125 (includes materials)

Icon Painting Weekend

Paint an icon using egg-tempera and gold leaf on a wood panel. Icon painting is a meditative practice. We will use traditional techniques and materials, and learn about the symbolism of the materials and process.

Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13: 10am-6pm

$225 (includes materials)

Meditation Skills

We will practice and lay a foundation in the three basic skills of meditation: 1) deep relaxation; 2) quieting the mind/sub-vocalizations; 3) working with the ‘energy body’ or subtle body awareness.

Four sessions: Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm: Oct. 2-23

$120 for four weeks

Contemplative Art Practice

One day of meditation and meditative art making. Various practices will be used to work in a relaxed, intuitive, non-critical manner.

Saturday, Oct 19: 9am-4pm

$90 (includes materials)


In this course you will learn painting techniques originating with the Egyptians, practiced throughout the Middle Ages, and continued into the present. We will work on a number of small projects to learn and practice the basic techniques of egg-tempera panel painting. Then students can work on a painting of their own design. Learn how to prepare panels using ‘true gesso’ made from marble dust and chalk. Make your own paints from earths, semiprecious stones and modern pigments. Learn a number of methods for using gold leaf and other kinds of metal leaf in paintings. Multiple techniques of applying egg-tempera will be taught: dry brush, petite lac, glazing and scumbling. All materials provided.
8 Weeks: Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, Maine
Tuesday 10 – 1 Oct. 1 – 29,
Nov.19 – Dec. 3
Tuition $300 Materials $90

III. Mural: Early Stages

I have been working with some of the youth of South Church in Portsmouth. We are preparing the walls of a room, laying the background layers over which we will make a mural. The room will be used for meditation and for youth gatherings. Here are some of the fun and lively early layers.

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