Video: How Angels Communicate With Humans
John on Patmos

Video: How Angels Communicate With Humans

Here is a video I made on the question: How do angels speak with and enlighten humans? This question was addressed in a text from the 13th century by Thomas Aquinas. In the video the context of the question as well as Aquinas’ answer are explained. The angels communicate with humans through images and light. At the end a practical point about communicating with the angels is addressed.

The painting of Saint John on the island of Patmos, receiving the visions of the Apocalypse from an Angel, is part of a tryptic I made for the Church of All Saints in Concord, New Hampshire. The imagery of the Cross in the middle, and Mary and John on the sides, is all taken from the book of the Apocalypse.

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  1. Kimberly Green

    Dear Sean,

    Among the great gifts of love and grace in my life are your icons and other paintings, your wisdom, kindness, and generosity. I am deeply grateful to receive your teachings. All blessings of peace to you, Kimberly

    1. sdk

      Thank you very much Kimberly—your encouragement is a blessing!

  2. Tracy

    Hello Sean💛…I’m so happy I am accessing your wonderful videos now! I love teachings of St Thomas Aquinas this conversation you have in “How Angels Communicate with Humans” is perfect for me. I find I listen more than once and I’m grateful for such a meaningful dialogue 💜…thank you!
    My very best, Tracy

    1. sdk

      Hello Tracy,
      Thank you for the kind note!
      Glad to know you are a fellow admirer of the great Thomas Aquinas. Hope all is well for you and your family.

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