Workshops and Classes
Fall 2018

I teach classes and workshops in egg-tempera painting, icon painting, fresco, contemplative art practices, symbols and archetypes; as well as various humanities courses, including fairy tales, world religions, art history, the Bible, logic, philosophy, Asian art and culture, meditation.  Below are upcoming workshops and courses.  I also teach private students and small groups in my studio by personal arrangement.

Creating Contemplative and Sacred Art

Please join us for a very special week at Villa Vigneto Texas!


Sean Kramer, accomplished Artist and Iconographer will lead our week-long series where Contemplative and Sacred Art instruction, meditation, and the quiet of nature come together under the oaks in the beautiful Hill Country setting of Villa Vigneto Texas.   

No art experience or skill required, just the desire to take “a little pause in life” to express your creative and spiritual heart!


Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, ME

9 Weeks
Mondays 10 – 1

October 15 – December 10 

In this course you will learn painting techniques originating with the Egyptians, practiced throughout the Middle Ages, and continued into the present. We will work on a number of small projects to learn and practice the basic techniques of egg-tempera panel painting. Then students can work on a painting of their own design, based on a prototype or work with still life set-ups. Learn how to prepare panels using ‘true gesso’ made from marble dust and chalk. Make your own paints from earths, semiprecious stones and modern pigments. Learn a number of methods for using gold leaf and other kinds of metal leaf in paintings. Multiple techniques of applying egg-tempera will be taught: dry brush, petite lac, glazing and scumbling.

Contemplative Art Practices

Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, ME

9 Weeks 
Tuesday 6 – 9, October 16 – December 11

The sessions of this workshop will be pleasantly spent mediating and doing art meditatively. We will begin each class working with our body, breath and mind. Then we will try a variety of contemplative art practices: mandalas and yantras, spontaneous and intuitive art making, working with symbols, drawing our journey, surrealist techniques, and more. The emphasis will be on the process, art as a meditative practice, letting go of the inner critic.

Fresco painting

Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, ME

One Weekend 
Saturday & Sunday, November 24 & 25, 9 – 4

The ancient art of fresco painting has been practiced for millennia. The oldest paintings we have evidence of are kinds of fresco. In this course students will work on small scale true fresco projects. They will learn to apply the fresco lime plaster to tile, brick, even walls at home. Fresco painting is done by applying pure pigments to wet plaster. When the plaster dries the paint becomes a permanent part of the surface, resulting in a beautiful, soft matte finish.

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